Digital Health

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

This new interdisciplinary journal provides a unique and dynamic forum to facilitate dialogue between key players in the rapidly emerging field of Digital Health. This dialogue will, in turn, allow the expression digital health to be continually defined by those at its centre – providing a unique, evolving narrative. DIGITAL HEALTH is fully peer-reviewed and published on an Open Access basis, to ensure maximum dissemination of content.DIGITAL HEALTH focuses on healthcare in the digital world, bridging the evolution of advances in informatics and technology in medicine, health and all aspects of health care with the application of these developments in clinical practice, the patient experience, and their social, political and economic implications.DIGITAL HEALTH covers themes including, but not limited to – e-health, healthcare IT, health informatics, biomedical engineering, connected health, internet health care, social media and online social networks, telemedicine, telehealth, telecare, medical imaging, mobile health, mobile technologies, wearable devices, genomics and personal genetic information, personalised medicine, Big Data and data management, wellness and prevention, gerontology and social care services, simulation and gamification, patient accessibility, acceptability and behaviour, policy and regulation, and the social, political, cultural and ethical implications of advances in the field.The primary aim of DIGITAL HEALTH is…

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