Cognitive Systems Research

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Aims & Scope of the Journal

Cognitive Systems Research covers all topics in the study of cognitive systems and processes, in both natural (i.e. animal and human) and artificial (such as software and robotic) systems.

(i) The journal emphasizes the integration of ideas, concepts, constructs, theories, models and techniques from multiple paradigms, perspectives, and disciplines, in the analysis, understanding, and design of cognitive and intelligent systems.

(ii) Contributions describing results obtained within the traditional disciplines of cognitive science (psychology, artificial intelligence/computer science, neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, anthropology) and also from engineeering (control theory, robotics etc.), from social sciences (such as economics, sociology and political science) using well-established paradigms are also sought if such work has broader implications and relevance.

(iii) The journal seeks to foster and promote the discussion of novel approaches in studying the structure, function and dynamics of cognitive and intelligent systems. The scope of the journal includes the study of a variety of cognitive systems at different levels. These range from individual cognitive agents, via social/cultural, technological and institutional cognition, theoretical, experimental and integrative studies, and computational modeling of cognitive systems at different levels of detail and from different perspectives.

(iv) Major topics (a nonexclusive list) may include:

• Cognition from the perspective of systems neuroscience
• Cognitive agents
• Cognitive architectures
• Cognitive robotics / embodied cognition
• Integrative studies, includineg complex systems perspective
• Knowledge representation and reasoning
• Memory and learning
• Perception and action
• Problem solving and cognitive skills
• Developmental cognition – dynamical systems approach

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