Brain Informatics

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Brain Informatics is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary open-access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen, which provides a unique platform for researchers and practitioners to disseminate original research on computational and informatics technologies related to brain. This journal addresses the computational, cognitive, physiological, biological, physical, ecological and social perspectives of brain informatics. It also welcomes emerging information technologies and advanced neuro-imaging technologies, such as big data analytics and interactive knowledge discovery related to various large-scale brain studies and their applications. This journal will publish high-quality original research papers, brief reports and critical reviews in all theoretical, technological, clinical and interdisciplinary studies that make up the field of brain informatics and its applications in brain-machine intelligence, brain-inspired intelligent systems, mental health and brain disorders, etc.The scope of papers includes the following five tracks:Track 1: Cognitive and Computational Foundations of Brain ScienceTrack 2: Human Information Processing SystemsTrack 3: Brain Big Data Analytics, Curation and ManagementTrack 4: Informatics Paradigms for Brain and Mental Health Research Track 5: Brain-Machine Intelligence and Brain-Inspired Computing

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