Brain-Computer Interfaces

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Brain-Computer Interfaces ( BCI) publishes high quality, original research articles encompassing analysis of theoretical and practical advances in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology. Articles should expand upon novel and innovative research where the methods, analysis and conclusions are robust and of the highest standard. A BCI measures brain activity and translates it into a form that can allow machines to compensate for lost or damaged brain functions, provide supplementary or augmented functions, or entrain lasting improvements in existing functions. The Journal recognizes that the field of BCI research is highly multi-disciplinary, and strives to integrate a range of perspectives from various disciplines in order to deepen understanding of the issues, challenges and solutions in the field. Brain-Computer Interfaces will be of interest to experts within the following fields: neuroscience – biomedical engineering – neurosurgery – rehabilitation engineering – psychology – human factors – computer science and engineering – machine learning – electrical engineering – industrial and systems engineering – mechanical engineering Brain-Computer Interfaces covers, but is not limited to, the following areas: – development and user-centered evaluation of engineered BCI applications with emphasis on the analysis of what aspects are crucial to making the system work, in addition to straightforward assessment…

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