in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Algorithm engineeringAlgorithmic game theory and mechanism designAlgorithms for databasesAlgorithms for language processingAlgorithms in biology, chemistry, physicsAlgorithms related to automata theory and formal languagesApproximation algorithmsCombinatorial optimization, mathematical programming, operations research, discrete mathematics and graph theoryCommunication and data networksComputational geometryData structuresDifferential equationsDistributed and parallel algorithmsEigenvalue problemsImage processing with applicationsInterdisciplinary applications in other areas of mathematics and computer scienceIterative methods and algorithmsMachine learningMarkov chains and simulationMetaheuristics and matheuristicsNumerical analysisParametrized algorithmsPerformance and testing of algorithmsProduction planning, scheduling, transport, and timetablingQuantum algorithmsRandomized algorithmsSorting and search algorithmTheory of algorithms

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