WCSG 2017 : Workshop on Wireless Communications and Networking Technologies for Connected Smart Grids

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Conference Information

Submission Deadline Sunday 08 Jan 2017
Conference & Submission Link http://smartgiftconf.org/2017/show/WCSG
Conference Dates Mar 27, 2017 - Mar 27, 2017
Conference Address London, United Kingdom
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Conference Call for Papers

This half-day workshop is organized in conjunction with SMARTGIFT 2017 http://smartgiftconf.org/2017/show/home in London UK between March 27 and 28 2017. This workshops aims to promote the discussion and research ideas sharing on wireless technologies to apply for future connected smart grids services and applications. This workshop welcomes relevant papers submission from both industry and academia. We encourage submission including original technical and scientific research results as well as implementation and demonstration of real-world smart grid services and applications. Topics include, but are not limited to:

– Physical and MAC layer protocols, low power link layer technologies

– Interference assessment and mitigation

– Resource management and cross-layer optimization

– Capacity and network planning, resource and service discovery

– Multi-hop communication and mesh networking

– Scalable network and system architecture (e.g., FAN, HAN, NAN and BAN)

– Communication protocols optimized for (real-time) information collection and control applications

– Data models and communication-aware data management solutions for Smart Metering and Smart Grids

– Coexistence, convergence and interoperability mechanism

– Secure and resilient cyber-physical and communication architectures

– Smart Grid Networks, Reliability and Recovery

– Satellite applications in Smart grid

– Smart Grid Communication & Networking implementations

– Multicast and secure multicast for the Smart Grids

– Precision time synchronization protocols for the Smart Grids

– Machine-to-machine communications in smart grid

– Wireless networks for smart grid applications

– Wireless sensor networks for smart grid

– Potential methods for sensor and actuator networking for smart grid

– Scalable routing protocols

– Reliable routing in lossy environments

– User privacy and routing trade-offs

– QoS and security trade-offs in routing

– Interoperability, standardization and node heterogeneity in routing

Papers should be submitted through EAI \’Confy\’ system at Confy, and have to comply with the SPRINGER format (see Author\’s kit section). http://smartgiftconf.org/2017/show/initial-submission

Presentations delivered during the workshops are based on papers that have been selected through peer- review process. Accepted workshop papers are included in the Conference Proceedings. Best workshop paper publications may be included in various Transactions or other journals.

Papers should be submitted into WCSG track under SmartGift 2017 in Confy: http://confy.eai.eu/#conftrack-overview/conf/52344/cid/52277

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