SA 2020 : 2nd International Conference on Societal Automation

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Submission Deadline Sunday 12 Apr 2020 Proceedings indexed by :
Conference Dates Sep 9, 2020 - Sep 11, 2020
Conference Address Funchal, Portugal
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& Economics of Innovation and New Technology



Technology and arising solutions are fast penetrating practically all areas and facets of our life; from pocket and wearable automation, to robotic companions, to home and building automation, to energy and transportation systems, to city/urban automation. In future: space colonies. Societal Automation, as this rapidly expanding human-centered technology penetration of our life can be called, has many aims: to make human-made engineering systems intuitive and safe in use; to strive to improve quality of our life; to provide comfortable and safe living habitat without degrading the surrounding natural environment to mention some – in addition to fulfilling other geo-engineering requirements and societal needs.

Themes of Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems and applications are well represented in the body of articles and papers published in journals and presented at conferences. However, the presented ideas and actual developments are far from disruptive. The heralded over ten years ago a rapid evolution of man-made engineering systems drawing from the IoT and CPS paradigms never eventuated. This situation is acutely reflected in the unwillingness of the Venture Capital firms to fund small incremental developments which offer little prospects for major return on investment. It becomes increasingly clear that the lack of architectural and technological frameworks to base future developments on leads to this stalemate. It is also evident the vision of what is to be achieved is not in place and clear. Perhaps, it is time to explore top-down mode of thinking: From ideas and visions to frameworks, to solutions, to technologies and supporting development tools.

The second edition of the Conference on Societal Automation will attempt to look in a holistic way at the Societal Automation domain in order to try to determine what solutions, technologies, architectural frameworks, and design tools are going to be needed in the design, development and deployment of future human-centered life-quality improving solutions and systems such as Cities of the Future, as well as economic aspects of innovation and NEW technology development.


– Electronic Systems in Societal Automation

– Communication Systems in Societal Automation

– Computing in Societal Automation

– AI, Machine & Deep Learning in Societal Automation

– Sensors in Societal Automation

– Technological Singularity

– CPS/IoT – Frameworks, Design, Applications

– Smart Cities and Cities of the Future

– Cyber-Security in Societal Automation

– Development of Ultra Complex Man-Made Engineering Systems

– Socio-Technological Aspects of Societal Automation






Submissions of regular & special sessions papers due: April 12, 2020

Submissions of work-in-progress papers: May 17, 2020

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