InSTA 2020 : 7th International Workshop on Software Test Architecture

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Conference Information

Submission Deadline Friday 13 Dec 2019 Proceedings indexed by :
Conference Dates Mar 27, 2020 - Mar 27, 2020
Conference Address Port, Portugal
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Conference Call for Papers

Recommended Topics or Themes

Concepts of software test architecture

– Software test architecture for machine learning systems

– Abstraction of test cases (e.g. test levels, test types, abstract equivalent classes, high-level test conditions and high-level test cases)

– Relationships of abstract test cases

– Separation of concerns for test

– Architecture of test suite based on abstract test cases (e.g. design of test levels and test types)

– Types of software test architecture (e.g. architecture of test suite and architecture of test system/environment)

– Similarities, differences and harmonization between test suite architecture and test system architecture

– Similarities and differences among software test architecture, test strategy, test plan and test sub-process in ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119

Design of software test architecture

– How to design several test levels

– How to design complicated test types and test cycles

– Design concepts for software test architecture design

– Modeling technique for software test architecture design

– Design patterns for software test architecture design

– Styles of software test architecture

– Quality characteristics of software test architecture (e.g. maintainability of test suite)

– Original diagrams and notation for software test architecture design

– Application or enhancement of existing notation (e.g. UML/UTP, SysML and future diagram for SPL)

– Connection of software test architecture design and test case design (e.g. structure of test case based on test architectural components)

– Meta-models or ontology for software test architectures

Test requirement analysis

– Whether software requirement specification is the goal of software test or not?

– How to model holistic test requirement

– How to model nonfunctional requirement for test

– How to organize test requirement for several source (e.g. from customer, from design and from environment)

– How to overview large-scale and complex requirements for test

– Analysis patterns for test requirement analysis

– Emerging techniques of test requirements analysis (e.g. using Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and etc.)

Application of software test architecture

– Quality evaluation of software test architecture

– Overall test engineering methodology based on software test architecture design

– Reuse of software test architecture design

– Product line engineering of test suite (e.g. how to design and manage variants of test suite)

– Design example of software test architecture for large-scale and complicated system

– Roles and responsibilities of test architect

– Automation based on software test architecture (e.g. separating automated test and manual test in keyword driven testing based on software test architecture)

– Test process improvement based on software test architecture

– Relationships between software architectures and software test architectures

– Typical software test architecture for a domain and/or comparison among domains (e.g. banking, logistics, cloud, automotive, medical, industrial automation and telecommunications)

– Industrial experiments and case studies of software test architectures

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