ICTIR 2020 : International Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval

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Conference Information

Submission Deadline Monday 25 May 2020 Proceedings indexed by :
Conference Dates Sep 14, 2020 - Sep 18, 2020
Conference Address Stavanger, Norway
Conference & Submission Link https://ictir2020.org/call-for-papers/
Conference Organizers : ( Deadline extended ? Click here to edit )

Conference Call for Papers


The topic areas covered by ICTIR include any topic of relevance to core IR and connections between IR and its neighboring disciplines such as the following. Evaluation expectations for ICTIR submissions are less demanding than in other IR conferences, but some degree of evaluation is still important.

IR theory and practice

New retrieval problems

Retrieval algorithm behavior analysis

Recommendation algorithm behavior analysis

Understanding IR models

Quantum IR or other non-conventional retrieval models and ranking

New evaluation measures, mathematical analysis of measures

New evaluation paradigms

User aspects of IR

Interactive and dynamic search

Information seeking

Modelling and simulation of information interaction

Contextual and personalized search

Search interfaces

Understanding context information

Understanding retrieval results

User modeling for ranking and evaluation

IR system architectures and scalability

Understanding IR system architecture

Efficient content representation

Compression for IR

String processing for IR

IR system scalability

Content representation and processing

Natural language processing for IR

Multimodal IR

Multilingual IR

Linguistic analysis

Text representation

Topic models

Machine learning for IR

Deep learning

Kernel methods

Markov decision processes

Online learning


Hyper-parameter and model selection

Reinforcement learning

Applications of IR

Information extraction

Information fusion

Legal IR

Patent search

Search applied to the Internet of Things

Semantic search

Sentiment analysis

Social good and collaborative search

Voice and image search

Structured, semi-structured data and databases

Task-based and exploratory search

Web, digital libraries and social media search