ICN 2017 : 4th ACM Conference on Information-Centric networking

Posted on January 11, 2017 in Conferences
Submission Deadline Monday 01 May 2017  ( Deadline extended ? Click here to edit )
Conference & Submission Link http://conferences.sigcomm.org/acm-icn/2017
Conference Dates Sep 26, 2017 - Sep 26, 2017
Conference Address Freie University Berlin, Germany
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The organizing committee is delighted to invite you to submit your work for presentation at the 4th ACM conference on Information Centric Networking (ICN 2017), to be held in Berlin, Germany from September 26-28, 2017.

The fundamental concept in Information Centric Networking (ICN) is to provide the ability to access named information as a principal service offered by the network, evolving the Internet from today’s host based packet delivery towards directly retrieving information objects and invoking services by name in a secure, reliable, scalable, and efficient way. These architectural design efforts aim to address the challenges that arise from the increasing demands for highly scalable content distribution, from accessing cloud resources, from accelerated growth of mobile devices, from wide deployment of Internet-of-things (IoT), and from the need to secure the global Internet. Papers which reach out into related fields are specifically encouraged.

ACM ICN 2017 will be a single track conference focusing on current ICN research topics, featuring paper presentations, posters and demonstrations.

Topics of Interest

Use of ICN for both legacy problems and novel use cases, including but not limited to:
-Content distribution
-Name-based access to cloud resources
-Device and content mobility
Network layer, mobility and architecture:
-Comparison of architectures, ICN styles and semantics
-Interdependency of namespace design, routing, and resource control
-ICN support for ad hoc and direct peer-to-peer communication
-ICN for high-speed networking
-Business and Economic models and their effects on deployability
-Management of ICN networks and systems
-Caching and its interaction with I/O performance
-Scalability analysis
-Traffic Engineering
-Privacy, both generally and especially its interaction with caching
-Trust management and access control
-IoT-specific security considerations
-Application layer, Evaluations and Testbeds:
-APIs for transport, other higher-level abstractions, and their assessment
-Experience from implementation, testbeds, and tools
-Critical analysis of previous research in ICN, including reproducibility studies
-Methodology and metrics
Translational Research:
-Deployments of ICN
-ICN for distributed computation, cloud-based services, database queries, big data manipulation as well as ICN-mediated sensor/actuator control loops
-ICN-inspired applications and systems
-Implementation challenges and experiences
-Line speed caching
-Routing scalability
-Congestion control
-Zero conf ICN

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