EuroGP 2020 : European Conference on Genetic Programming

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Conference Information

Submission Deadline Friday 01 Nov 2019 Proceedings indexed by :
Conference Dates Apr 15, 2020 - Apr 17, 2020
Conference Address Seville, Spain
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Guide2Research Overall Ranking: 346
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Computational Theory and Mathematics 48
Software Engineering & Programming 114

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Conference Call for Papers

23rd European Conference on Genetic Programming

EuroGP is the premier annual conference on Genetic Programming, the oldest and the only meeting worldwide devoted specifically to this branch of evolutionary computation. It is always a high-quality, enjoyable, friendly event, attracting participants from all continents, and offering excellent opportunities for networking, informal contact, and exchange of ideas with fellow researchers. It will feature a mixture of oral presentations and poster sessions and invited keynote speakers. EuroGP is featured in the conference ranking database CORE.

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Areas of Interest and Contributions

This year, we have a special focus on GP and artificial intelligence: GP for interpretable AI and towards general AI. A list of topics includes but is not limited to:

Innovative applications of GP
Theoretical developments
GP performance and behaviour
Fitness landscape analysis of GP
Algorithms, representations and operators
Real-world applications
Search-based software engineering
Genetic improvement programming
Evolutionary design
Evolutionary robotics
Tree-based GP and Linear GP
Graph-based GP and Grammar-based GP
Evolvable hardware
Self-reproducing programs
Multi-population GP
Multi-objective GP
Fast/Parallel GP
Probabilistic GP
Evolution of automata or machines
Object-oriented GP
Hybrid architectures including GP
Coevolution in GP
Modularity in GP
Semantics in GP
Unconventional evolvable computation
Automatic software maintenance
Evolutionary inductive programming

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