ARIAL@IJCAI 2019 : 3rd Workshop on AI for Aging, Rehabilitation and Independent Assisted Living

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Submission Deadline Friday 10 May 2019
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Conference Dates Aug 10, 2019 - Aug 12, 2019
Conference Address Macao, China
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Conference Call for Papers

According to a United Nations’ report on World Population Aging (2015), the number of people in the world aged 60 or over is projected to grow to 2.1 billion by year 2050. Aging can come with various complexities and challenges, such as decline in physical, cognitive and mental health of a person. These changes affect a person’s everyday life, resulting in decreased social participation, lack of physical activity, and vulnerability to injury and disability, that can be exacerbated by the occurrence of various acute health events, such strokes, or long term illnesses.

The field of assistive technology amalgamates several multi-disciplinary areas including computer science, rehabilitation engineering, data mining, clinical studies, health care, and psychology. The idea of assistive technological solutions is to promote independent, active and healthy aging with a specific focus on older adults, and those living with mild cognitive impairments.

Collecting and mining health data using assistive technology devices is a challenging task. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and building novel machine learning (ML) models is essential to make advancements in the field of aging and technology. Building AI models on health data will facilitate independent assisted living, promote healthy and active lifestyle, and manage rehabilitation routines effectively. To reason about the collected data, to classify it and to detect abnormalities, new AI tools and methods are required.

With this workshop, we will bring together researchers from different sub-fields of AI, in general, agent based modelling and machine learning to identify and approach the ARIAL-related problems. We will also facilitate discussion, interaction, and comparison of approaches, methods, and ideas related to the domain of aging and technology.

*Call for papers*

In this workshop, we invite previously unpublished and novel submissions in the following areas, but not limited to:

* Methods and protocols for data collection, data annotation, and data labeling with older adult populations .

* Techniques for continuous streaming, monitoring and analysis of health, activity, contextual, and online data for older adults.

* Techniques for handling data biases and developing interpretable, explainable and ethical AI models.

* Methodologies for big data, large-scale data mining, including cloud computing.

Data analytics and visualization techniques for healthcare data.

* ML techniques to identify harmful, life-threatening, abnormal behaviours and coping with rare events in health care.

* ML methods for measuring health indicators, progression of physical and cognitive health, e.g. frailty, dementia, mental health, gait stability, etc.

* Data mining challenges such as handling missing information, dealing with mixed, imbalanced and noisy data.

* Ontology design to capture age related impairments and possible counter-actions.

ML approaches for data fusion from multi-modal sensor interaction and ensemble algorithm development.

* Multi-agent models to capture interaction between patients, caregivers and family to provide assistance.

* Probabilistic and Case-based reasoning to provide assistance.

* Using Deep Learning solutions for supporting assistive technology devices and facilitate transfer learning.

* Developing smart agents to understand sentiments of the client for providing focussed care.

* Developing smart-home solutions and interventions for connecting and engaging older adults with the environment.

* Models that use Speech recognition and dialog based interaction with older adults.

*Important Dates*

Paper submissions: May 10, 2019

Paper notifications: May 31 , 2019

Camera-ready deadline for the final version of accepted papers: June 05, 2019

Workshop date: August 10-12, 2019

*Submission Details*

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