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ICIAP 2021 : International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing

ICIAP 2021 is the 21st edition of a series of conferences organized biennially by the Italian Member Society (CVPL, ex GIRPR) of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). The focus of the conference is on both classic and recent trends in computer vision, pattern recognition and image processing, and covers both ...Read More

HAIS 2020 : International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems

The 15th International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems (HAIS’20) combines symbolic and sub-symbolic techniques to construct more robust and reliable problem solving models. Hybrid intelligent systems are popular due to their capabilities in handling many real world complex problems, involving imprecision, uncertainty and vagueness, high-dimensionality. They provide us with the opportunity ...Read More

Indocrypt 2020 : 21st International Conference on Cryptology in India

Indocrypt 2020 is the 21st International Conference on Cryptology in India. The conference will take place during 13th – 16th December, 2020, at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Bangalore, Bengaluru, India. Indocrypt 2020 is part of the Indocrypt series organised under the aegis of Cryptology Research Society of India (CRSI), ...Read More

DaWaK 2020 : Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK)

All accepted conference papers will be published in a volume of \”Lecture Notes in Computer Science\” (LNCS) by Springer. All published papers will be indexed appropriately in all major indexes. Selected high-quality papers will be invited to be published, after revision and extension, in a special issue of Data & Knowledge Engineering ...Read More

RTCSA 2020 : IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications

The 26th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications Location: Virtual Conference Date: August 19-21, 2020 Important Dates: Paper Submission Deadline (extended):April 14, 2020, March 31, 2020 Paper Update Deadline: April 17, 2020 Acceptance Notification: May 20, 2020 Final Paper Submission: June 15, 2020 Conference Date: August 19-21, ...Read More

AIED 2020 : Artificial Intelligence in Education

The AIED 2020 conference theme will be “Augmented Intelligence to Empower Education”. As AI in Education systems get more mature and are implemented at scale in real-world contexts, the value of using AI systems in the service of human decision making, rather than automated personalisation, becomes more apparent than ever. While this ...Read More

IOLTS 2020 : IEEE International On-Line Testing Symposium

ssues related to On-line testing techniques, and more generally to design for robustness, are increasingly important in modern electronic systems. In particular, the huge complexity of electronic systems has led to growth in reliability needs in several application domains as well as pressure for low cost products. There is a corresponding increasing ...Read More

ISoLA 2020 : International Symposium On Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation

The ISoLA Symposium is a forum for developers, users, and researchers to discuss issues related to the adoption and use of rigorous tools for the specification, analysis, verification, certification, construction, test, and maintenance of systems from the point of view of their different application domains. To bridge the gap between designers and ...Read More

*SEM 2020 : Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics

*SEM brings together researchers interested in the semantics of natural languages and its computational modeling. The conference embraces symbolic and probabilistic approaches, and everything in between; theoretical contributions as well as practical applications are welcome. The long-term goal of *SEM is to provide a stable forum for the growing number of NLP ...Read More

APLAS 2020 : Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems

We solicit contributions in the forms of regular research papers, and tool papers. Among others, solicited topics include: Semantics, logics, foundational theory Design of languages, type systems, and foundational calculi Domain-specific languages Compilers, interpreters, abstract machines Program derivation, synthesis, and transformation Program analysis, verification, model-checking Logic, constraint, probabilistic, and quantum programming Software ...Read More