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ICDIS : The 1st International Conference on Data Intelligence and Security

Aim and Scope Data intelligence and data security are two closely related views, while data management is the base of both data intelligence and data security. In the era of big data, data management, data intelligence and data security are all very important, and present constant challenges for both academia and industry. ...Read More

ICCT\’17 : International Conference on Intelligent Communication and Computational Techniques

• Call for Papers: 1st March, 2017 • Last Date of Paper Submission: 31st May, 2017 • Notification of Acceptance: 1st September, 2017 • Last Date of Camera Ready Paper Submission: 30th October 2017 ...Read More

Information Systems and Innovation in the Public Sector

This special issue welcomes contributions on information systems as enablers of innovation in the public sector, at the municipal, state or federal level, in any nation, and even between countries. Information systems are the catalysts for IT-enabled innovations that are transforming the nature of public agencies, the manner in which they design, ...Read More

Deep Mining Big Social Data

Below is an incomplete list of potential topics to be covered in the special issue:  Deep mining techniques for big social web data  Retrieval methods for social/multimedia web information retrieval  Kernel‐based learning for multi‐modality web health data  Incremental learning or online learning for web data.  Data fusion ...Read More

Novel applications of learning curves in production planning and logistics

Workforce demographics are changing. The cost of retaining skilled labor is becoming expensive, tasks more complex, and alternating between repetitive tasks is getting more common. Learning is primary in such environments and vital for the competitiveness of a firm. Researchers have studied human learning (and its opposite phenomenon, forgetting) for many years ...Read More

Smart Manufacturing, Innovative Product and Service Design to Empower Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing,Innovative Productand Service Design to Empower Industry 4.0 Aims of the Special Issue: With the new paradigm of Industry 4.0, the manufacturing and service industries are increasingly adopting smart equipment and intelligent system with multimode sensors and more attention has been drawn to develop Cyber-Physical Systems, the Internet of Things (IoTs), ...Read More

Railway Traffic Management and Control

Railway traffic is an attractive mode of transport for relieving the traffic pressure in a high-capacity, safe, energy-saving, and reliable manner. The core of this transportation mode is typically to ensure that trains operate safely and economically. To meet this significant requirement, effective models and methods have to be developed for railway ...Read More

Storage for the Big Data Era

New and innovative storage paradigms have not been sufficiently addressed in the literature. The objectives of this Special Issue of the Grid Computing Journal are therefore to provide focused dissemination of new approaches, methods, and technologies for storage in the Big Data Era. Topics of interest may include: Hierarchical approaches for storing ...Read More

Learning-based Adaptive Control: Theory and Applications

International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processinginvites authors to submit articles on learning-based adaptive control theory and application, with the aim to publish research on new adaptive control methods, which are design under the learning-based paradigm. ...Read More

Social Commerce and Social Media: Behaviors in the New Service Economy

With the ever increasing prevalence of social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat) leveraging such innovative technologies as Web 3.0 and Internet Plus, a new social paradigm of service economy has emerged and its unprecedented new business models have become a paramount arena for researchers and practitioners. In particular, social elements including ...Read More