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Recent Trends in Engineering Software-Intensive Systems

Guest editors: Antonio Martini, University of Oslo, Norway ( Manuel Wimmer, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria ( Theme: The development of software-intensive systems is continuously evolving and faces many new challenges. New technologies, such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. as well as continuous engineering processes, such ...Read More

ITEC 2021 : IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference

PAPER PROPOSALS ARE BEING INVITED IN THE FOLLOWING OR RELATED TECHNICAL TRACK TOPIC AREAS: 1. Power Electronics and Motor Drives 2. Electric Machines and Actuators 3. Powertrain: Design, Thermal Management, Packaging, and Optimization 4. Battery, Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Systems 5. Electric, Hybrid Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle System Architectures and ...Read More

ICIAE 2021 : The 9th IIAE International Conference on Industrial Application Engineering

Overview of ICIAE2021 The 9th IIAE International Conference on Industrial Application Engineering 2021 (ICIAE2021) is organized by the Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers (IIAE). It will be held both [on-site] and [online]. Participants can choose either to come to our conference venue in Kitakyushu, Japan or make their presentations online. For on-site ...Read More

BigDIA 2020 : The 6th International Conference on Big Data and Information Analytics

Scope The BigDIA 2020 will bring together research scientists from academia, industries, and government agencies to report progress and exchange ideas to address challenges in fundamental research and rapid knowledge translation in collecting, processing, analyzing, integrating, annotating and visualizing Big Data for scientific exploration, business and policy decision-making. Topics of interest include, ...Read More

50 Most Important Women in Science

The journey of women in science is one that is full of challenges. The road to success is paved with issues such as discrimination and sexism. As one author puts it, these issues were primarily driven by the assumed superiority of the male sex (Mozans, 2015). Moreover, women’s long trek to recognition ...Read More

RoViSP 2021 : The 11th International Conference on Robotics, Vision, Signal Processing, and Power Applications

The organizing committee of the 11th International Conference on Robotics, Vision, Signal Processing and Power Applications (RoViSP 2021) would like to extend our invitation for your participation in the conference, which will be held in Penang, Malaysia from 5th – 6th April 2021​. In conjunction with the theme of the conference, “Enhancing ...Read More

ICCNCT 2021 : 4th International Conference on Computer Networks and Inventive Communication Technologies

COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES  Wireless Communication  Mobile Communication  Optical Communication  Remote Sensing  Antenna / MIMO  Embedded Systems  Internet of Things  Cyber-physical Systems  Robotics and Automation  Satellite Communication  Cognitive and Cooperative Communication  Wireless Personal Communication  Threat and Vulnerability Analysis  Device-to-Device Communication ...Read More

Predictive Intelligence: Humans Meet Artificial Intelligence

Managing Guest Editor Mu-Yen Chen, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, E-mail: Guest Editors Mario Koeppen, Kyushu institute of technology, Japan, E-mail: Abbas Mardani, University of South Florida, United States, E-mail: Thar Baker, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, E-mail: Scope of the issue Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seized the ...Read More

Mobile and Edge Computing Systems

The objective of this special issue is to explore recent advances in mobile and edge computing systems to address practical and fundamental challenges. Networking, security, and AI-based schemes to support mobile and edge computing systems as well as application designs are all potential topics that can collectively tackle such challenges. Specifically, potential ...Read More

Recent Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence-based on Internet of Things (AIOT) towards Healthcare Applications

Aims and Scope:  Current trends in Industry 4.0 are largely related to issues of reliability and availability. As a result of these trends and engineering systems’ complexity, research and development needs now refer to new solutions in the integration of intelligent machines or systems, with emphasis on changes in production processes aimed at ...Read More